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June 29, 2022

Imagination and Ideas Give Nurses Solutions

Imagination and Ideas Give Nurses Solutions
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Imagination, Ideas, and Solutions

As nurses, we have solutions to problems in health care, and we need to step out to own our solutions without fear. Sometimes to help us maintain a feeling of control, our task-oriented mindset and checklists take priority over solving problems and helping other people. This limits our imagination, but if we let go of this mindset it will help us connect with our creativity and help us embrace the solutions we offer. Imagination contributes to ideas, and creating time for imagination can help you create solutions that can bring change not only in your corporate career but also in your business and personal life. 

Join the conversation with your host, Nena Hart, as she shares more about ideas and imagination and how you can turn your task list off and embrace your idea list through imagination. Ideas come from imagination, and success is the process of turning an idea into creative marketable solutions.

Tune in!

In this episode, we’ll cover;

[00:01] Introduction to the show 

[00:31] Today’s Topic: Ideas and imagination

[01:19] Imagination contributes to ideas and solutions

[02:02] How to transform your ideology into specialized knowledge

[03:42] How task-oriented mindsets and checklists can limit your imagination 

[06:24] Creating mental downtime for generating ideas

[07:12] How emotions can overtake your intelligence and how to take control

[11:52] Turning the task list off and the imagination on  

[13:44] Giving yourself space and enhancing your mental health 

[15:42] Wrap up

Resources Mentioned

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:  https://amzn.to/3nk8SBx 

Notable Quotes 

  • Ideas come from imagination, and to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to create time for imagination.
  • Ideas are the main thing, and specialized knowledge is around the corner when you have them.
  • Specialized knowledge comes from experience 
  • When emotions are high, intelligence is low
  • Give yourself permission to feel your emotions to stay in balance.

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