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Oct. 5, 2022

Featured Nurse Business Owner Stephaney Edwards from SELNA Consulting

Featured Nurse Business Owner Stephaney Edwards from SELNA Consulting

Legal Nurse Consulting with Stephaney Edwards

The opportunities for consulting as a nurse are truly limitless and one growing specialty area is legal nurse consulting. A legal nurse consultant is a highly proficient registered nurse who assists attorneys and other professionals with understanding medical records and can help guide the search for pertinent records or information through their clinical knowledge.

Join the conversation with Stephaney Edwards, BSN, RN CWCN, CLNC. She is the owner, lead nurse consultant, and coordinator of SELNA Consulting, LLC. After graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Florida, she began her career caring for the most critical patients. Stephaney has a vast amount of knowledge in intensive care, including burn, medical, surgical, and trauma, also specializing in all things wound, ostomy, and continence. Having worked in leadership roles for most of her career, she understands the intricacy and knowledge needed to monitor and coordinate care for these patients and team growth and development.

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In this episode, we’ll cover;
[00:01] Introduction to the show and a quick bio of the guest; Stephaney Edwards
[02:14] A bit about Stephaney’s backstory and her journey into legal nursing 
[06:07] What legal nursing entails
[09:11] How legal nurse consulting is different from other forms of consulting
[15:31] The unspoken fear among nurses of losing their nursing skills
[18:20] The beauty of records in nursing
[20:02] Qualifications required to become a legal nurse consultant
[25:50] The point Stephaney incorporated mentorship in the business & how it has evolved
[32:25] Nursing should not be your entire identity
[36:20] Becoming stronger by embracing vulnerability
[41:04] Why nurses need to unchain from the past and focus on self-investment
[44:27] Nothing changes until you execute on it
[48:15] How you can connect with Stephaney and learn more about what she offers

Notable Quotes
●There’s an unspoken fear among nurses that they will lose their nursing skills if they leave bedside nursing
●Growth depends on the level of self-development and education.
●Everyone has a fear of success, whether we acknowledge it or not
●There’s no better person to learn from than the one who has done what you are trying to do
●Listen to your gut, inner voice, and accurate data to make smart and winning decisions
●Redefine yourself to be more than just a nurse. Nursing is one of the many pieces of the puzzle in your life.
●The stronger you are, the more vulnerabilities you allow to yourself. Vulnerability makes you strong rather than weak.
●Until you realize the internal limiting beliefs, you will never understand how much you have been holding back your potential.
●Vulnerability translates to authenticity with clients and the people we reach in our community.

Connect With Stephaney
Stephaney Edwards 
Website: https://stephaney-ey.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephaney-edwards-bsn-rn-cwcn-cccn-lnc-80b367135/
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/perfectdayeveryday/
Facebook Community: https://web.facebook.com/groups/stephaneylegalnursecommunity/

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