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Aug. 10, 2022

Featured Nurse Business Owner Sha-Re Melvin and The Yoni Bar

Featured Nurse Business Owner Sha-Re Melvin and The Yoni Bar

Featured Nurse-Owned Business Sha-Re Melvin and The Yoni Bar

As nurses, we crave helping people, learning about people, and serving people in a way that creates connection. However, so many of us are concerned that we will lose our ability to hone our nursing skills if we start a business. That is just not true. So many nurses out there, including Sha-Re, are elevating their nursing skills to improve their business and service. 

The most successful nurse entrepreneurs are not afraid to invest in their business to get to where they want to be or get what they need to keep growing.

Join the conversation with Sha-Re Melvin as she shares how she got to where she is today and strategies that can help you thrive as a nurse entrepreneur. Sha-Re Melvin is a nurse entrepreneur and woman business owner. She opened The Yoni Bar to provide alternative health and wellness options to women in her community. Sha-Re provides health coaching and herbal vagina steams.

Tune in!

In this episode, we’ll cover;

[00:00] Introduction

[00:49] About Sha-Re and what she does in the alternative health space

[01:49] What inspired Sha-Re into the herbs and vagina steams niche

[03:19] How Sha-Re uses her nursing skill in her business 

[04:22] How Sha-Re hopes to impact health care with her business

[05:17] Niching down and why it’s important for your success 

[05:34] What Sha-Re loves about her business 

[06:39] The biggest challenge that Sha-Re has experienced as a nurse entrepreneur 

[08:21] What Sha-Re would have done differently in her business 

[12:36] Sha-Re advice on how to start and scale your business.

[16:02] How to reach out to Sha-Re and get a free offer product 

[17:06] Wrap Up

Notable Quotes 

  • Having a business mindset will not make you lose your assessment skills; so many nurses are elevating their nursing skills to improve their business and service. 
  • Even if it’s not what you wanted, it brought you to the next level to keep looking for what you need and moving forward.
  • Sometimes, regardless of what you get into, that extra support is what is needed.
  • Coaches provide a lot of raw accountability that you cannot provide yourself. 
  • You can’t self-motivate when you don’t know the next step, so getting in touch with a business coach that aligns with you is huge. 

Connect with Sha-Re Melvin

Website: https://www.theyonibar.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_yonibar

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theyonibar

Email: yonibarvsteam@gmail.com

Email Sha-Re for your free sample of VagiGel, an anti-inflammatory gel that is inserted into your yoni to help provide increased lubrication and sensation.

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