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July 27, 2022

Prioritizing Relationships in Business

Prioritizing Relationships in Business
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Relationships are both personal and professional. In business, prioritizing relationships means two things. First, it means connecting without selling by prioritizing the needs of others without pushing what you have to offer to them. Second, it means putting your personal relationships first and allowing everything else to find space around them. 

Relationships are the key to reaching your goals, and they will carry you through years of business and success. Focusing on just making sales is the hardest way to achieve because you will be turning so many people off.

Join the conversation with your host, Nena Hart, as she shares the importance of prioritizing relationships in business as well as how to put personal relationships first and allow everything else to find its way around it to keep your energy and mental health high.

Tune in!

In this episode, we’ll cover;

[00:01] Introduction to the show

[00:37] Today’s focus: Prioritizing relationships in business

[01:37] How to build connections and relationships with your customers

[04:54] Why focusing on just sales is the hard way to success

[05:35] Integrating relationships and giving in your business plan

[06:37] Prioritizing personal relationships and letting everything else find space around it

[10:28] Thinking about others and their needs 

[13:23] Knowing what is important to build a business that serves you

[16:59] Nena's transformations when she started prioritizing personal relationships

[20:14] Wrap Up

Notable Quotes

●  Tell people what they want, and give them what they need.

●  When making connections do that with a heart of caring about people

●  If you prioritize giving, whether professionally or personally, you get so much more back

●  When you get into that mindset where all you think about is your needs, you’re in for a rude awakening

●  More hours working for yourself doesn't equate to more success

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