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Jan. 4, 2023

Featured Business Owner Elizabeth Dario Bockheim and Shine Awareness

Featured Business Owner Elizabeth Dario Bockheim and Shine Awareness

Social Emotional Intelligence (SEI) with Elizabeth Dario Bockheim , owner and founder of Shine Awareness, LLC.

All nurses need empathy and affective skills to succeed in their service delivery. Affective skills are the individual interests, attitudes, and values that make one an outstanding service provider. Unfortunately, research shows that nursing students lose empathy in the first year of their nursing course, while seasoned nurses show a decrease within ten years of their nursing career.

Empathy helps nurses better understand how others are feeling and even feel it in themselves. It helps us maintain relationships and plays a role in dictating our success in both personal and professional relationships. Therefore, if we bring awareness to what we feel and how we feel it and choose words that build our patients, that can help us give better health care. 

Learn more about these skills with today’s guest. Elizabeth is a wife, mother, certified nurse educator, and an Influential Awareness Leader. Learn everything about self-awareness, its importance among nurses, and the best ways to embrace it. 

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Key Highlights from the Show

[00:01] Introduction to the show and a quick bio of the guest 

[01:52] A bit about Shine Awareness, how it got started & what it’s doing

[03:23] How the business part of the movement came along

[05:51] Common challenges and problems nurses face  

[09:43] Why nurses should embrace self-care

[15:53] Does your corporate leadership position value your contribution?

[18:16] Her vision of the impact that she wants her business to have

[28:31] The greatest pivot that she has seen in her business

[31:50] The biggest challenges in her entrepreneurship journey

[43:10] Key takeaways for nurse entrepreneurs 

[45:00] Best ways to connect with Elizabeth

[46:10] Wrap Up

Notable Quotes 

●      Emotions drive our thoughts, and our thoughts drive our behaviors, and that’s when we get into consequences.

●      Nurses need emotional intelligence and self-awareness skills to succeed. 

●      Emotions should not be placed at the top of the hierarchy of priorities.

●      Self-talk is the loudest talk.

●      Self-care is doing things that improve personal health in an impactful way.

●      If you can dream it, you can do it. 

●      When you are aware, you see things. And when you see them, you can never unsee them.

●      There are some challenges we can never overcome. We can only work around them. 

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Website: http://shineawareness.com/

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Email: Elizabeth.shineawareness@gmail.com

Mobile: 616 826 5828 

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